Summer Tour Wrap Up – 2017

This summer, I had the honor of traveling all over the Mid-south meeting some incredible young men and women and even sang a few songs 😉


Before I begin sharing some stories and favorite memories, I want to sincerely thank UCA for allowing me to be a part of this summer’s cheer camps. In high school, I attended these cheer camps and even worked as a staffer after I graduated, so coming back to perform at these camps was truly special.

It all began at the University of Alabama with my drummer Andrew McNeill, bass player Daniel McKee, and guitarist Austin Acuff. Little did my band and I expect how many screaming, excited cheerleaders would stampede to the stage. It was surreal. 1,000 of them ran to the stage… A moment I will never forget. Originally I thought, “what have I gotten myself into?”, “am I ready for this?”, but I quickly had to get my game face on and just go for it and we had the best time! These cheerleaders were so welcoming and just excited for us to be there. I couldn’t have been in a more welcoming and encouraging crowd of people. That is honestly a dream for any musician: to be well received. That’s exactly what these cheerleaders did. My drummer even mentioned, “This is just a small taste of what Elvis must’ve experienced,” which we then joked about the remainder of the summer.


Throughout the rest of the tour, I got to meet some amazing people. One girl just found out she was cancer free, others told me personal stories of how they related to my songs, and one girl even shared that I sang one of the songs sung at her dad’s funeral and she felt her dad was smiling down on her. It’s moments like these that make it all worth it and remind me why I do what I do.

Enjoy this fun look back on the Summer Tour:

The different impacts that music can have on people is something I can’t fully explain but will always cherish. This is a summer I will always remember. Thank you again to UCA for making this happen.