McKenna Bray is an Americana, Pop singer-songwriter & children’s book author (“Pippa”) born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Her sweet yet powerful vocal has caught the attention of many making her “one of the bright new stars on the local music scene” – Commercial Appeal. Ever since her debut album “Once In A Blue Moon” released in 2018, she has had the opportunity of performing with Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, opening up for The American Authors, Dale WatsonMo Pitney, Jimmy Fortune of “The Statler Brothers”, and was on Season 10 of The Sun Studio Sessions on PBS.  

2021, Bray is releasing an EP titled, “Modern Love” with Milwaukee based Americana singer-songwriter Zach Pietrini. Come October, you can catch the two on tour together! 

Press Release


“There are many Americana singers in Tennessee. It almost seems unfair to put an artist in a box… In the case of McKenna Bray, it almost does her a disservice… There are so many surprises in the songwriting, it defies any label that might suggest the Carter Family or simple folk strumming.”

-Alex Greene from Memphis Flyer

“With a sound somewhere in between Brandi Carlile and Kacey Musgraves, her lyrics and voice are raw and straight from the soul.”

– The Tour Collierville Magazine

[w]hat really sets the album apart is Bray’s voice. It is no small feat to evoke the rich alto of Ronstadt, with the same unaffected, straightforward delivery that can enliven lyrics with a disarming edge. It’s understandable that she auditioned for American Idol. But really, she was too good for them. She avoids all the clichés of that game. And their loss is our gain.

-Alex Greene from Memphis Flyer

“Bray has become one of the bright new stars on the local music scene.” 

-The Commercial Appeal