About Pippa

Pippa is a little girl with a guitar in her hand & a song in her heart. Using the gift she has been given, she travels all throughout the town turning frowns upside down.

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I wrote this book a couple years ago one winter night after I had a performance in Memphis, TN. I personally caught myself in a state where I didn’t feel confident in my own gifts as a singer-songwriter and struggled to find that confidence and why I was doing what I was doing.

So before bed that night, I picked up a poetry book by Robert Browning, and Pippa was born! He wrote six poems called “Six Songs from Pippa Passes” published in 1841. His poems were about a young girl encouraging others through song at transfixed moments in their lives.

As Browning’s poems were more geared towards adults, I woke up the next morning thinking this would make a great children’s book. I even found myself encouraged that no matter my audience, I have this gift of song that can be used to uplift others.

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This story comes with a lullaby so children and their parents can interact with one another through song. Music has such a deep way of connecting us to others and also comforting us unlike anything else. I hope this lullaby can connect parents with their children & even be comforting to them.

My purpose for writing this book and lullaby was not only to serve as a reminder to me, but I truly hope it leads children and even parents to recognize that whatever gift they have been given can also be used to “turn frowns upside down.” As simple as this theme is, I truly believe it brings about change, at least for me it did.

About the Lullaby & Audiobook

“Pippa’s Lullaby” was written by McKenna Bray. Music & production by Susan Marshall (producer of McKenna Bray’s album “Once In A Blue Moon”), string arrangement by Sam Shoup, Viola & Violins by Heather Trussell, and Acoustic Guitar by Steve Selvidge. Engineered by Jeff Powell & Lucas Peterson. Assistant Engineer, Wesley Graham. Recorded in Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis, TN.

The audiobook was produced by Susan Marshall, engineered by Lucas Peterson, and narrated by Anna Graves, American voice actress (known for her work on the animated Star Wars-the Clone Wars).